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About The Assignments:

The student assignments you see on this page all dealt with topics students chose themselves.

For the two page illustration spreads the instructions mandated that at least three photographs be used and manipulated in Photoshop to express the editorial content of the article, or piece of literature chosen by the student. The other option for the illustrated two page spread was a hand drawn illustration colorized using a medium of the student's choosing. The final product was finished using Adobe InDesign.

Topics for the information graphics were similarly chosen by the students. The instructions called for either a magazine format consisting of two facing pages or two facing with a fold-out third page. The other format could be newspaper; either single or two page double truck spread. In all cases, the student had to incorporate at least four information modules put together using Adobe Illustrator. For most projects, students found they needed many more to adequately explain the subject matter.

The logos, like the other assignments, also dealt with businesses chosen by the student. Unless the student could make a compelling case, well known name brands or franchises were banned. All logos had to represent small, preferably Mom and Pop concerns. All logos were put together in Adobe Illustrator.

- Kevin Kreneck, Illustrator / Designer / Instructor










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